This site ONLY permits those that are 18 years or older to join.

Terms to be aware of:

  • Swinger- a swinger or swinger couple are those either fascinated by the lifestyle with no real intent to join, or those currently active in the lifestyle interested in joining others sexually, either together or apart.
  • Vanilla- a Vanilla user on the site is a user that enjoys the vibe and openness of the lifestyle, but has no interest in actually participating sexually.
  • Girls Gone Wild- a Girls Gone Wild user is either a couple, or a female that is interested in only sexually participating with another female only. Typically these are couples looking for either a single female, or another couple, where only the females are sexual with one another.
  • Softball- a Softball user is a user interested in participating sexually with other users. However, this usually only includes touching and possible oral, usually no penetration at all.
  • Hardball- Typically, Hardball users are “Anything Goes” users and are actively seeking to spice things up and do whatever.
  • FWB- Friends With Benefits
  • Daytime Play- Users interested in playing during the day.
  • Lifestyle- The term Lifestyle is basically a cleaner term to classify a swinger, as it is technically a form of lifestyle. Therefore, the swinger community adopted this term as abroad.


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